Home away from home for your precious little ones!

Together with parents, our purpose is to nurture the child’s potential based on their own individual talents and personalities and develop them to be the best they can be.

We aim to cater to individual and group needs in all of the main development areas: physical activity, thinking/creativity, communication, spirituality, emotional intelligence and social skills. We place importance on play-based learning which has long been proven as an effective way for children to learn. Through play, children are exposed to opportunities to learn how to communicate, share, and make choices. We’re provide a socially inviting environment with positive and meaningful interactions from educators and peers, so we can promote the social-emotional development of each child.

The staff are friendly, qualified, and committed to offer stimulating activities daily to provide a solid foundation for learning. Optimal physical and cognitive growth is fostered.   


    We aim to provide

    • Emphasis on community and social interaction.
    • Positivity and enthusiasm is continuously fostered.
    • Collaborative learning promotes enquiring minds and self-confidence. 
    • Art, dance, music, and drama are included in the weekly programme to ensure a truly holistic approach to learning.
    • Dietician approved daily meals to be provided to older children that are no longer bottle feeding.